We have to win more Green MP’s.

Our planet is in crisis. And whilst this is a massive challenge to tackle in and of itself, we also have a society that for so many people feels broken. This Government lurches us from crisis to crisis – from the pandemic, to the cost of living. And at the very heart of this – there’s an integrity crisis.

We have a Government with no answers – and they don’t even care.

We do care. And we do have answers. And we know the answers to the climate crisis are so often the same answers to lift people out of poverty and ensure their dignity.

I’m running for Deputy Leader of the Green Party because I know to make these solutions happen – we have to break through and win more MPs. As your Deputy Leader, I want to see us win 2-5 MPs at the next General Election.

This means investing in winning. It means building the party at all levels, supporting more campaign teams to win council seats and really pushing hard in the target constituencies where we desperately need a breakthrough.

We Need a Media Breakthrough.

We’ve just won hundreds of new councillors and I was so proud to be on the ground campaigning with candidates as they became representatives we are all proud of.

We even now have more councillors than UKIP did at their peak – yet they were never off the TV!

We need to make the case that as one of the major parties, we deserve more media coverage.

As an elected Green, I love doing the work of scrutiny, debate and collaboration – and I also appreciate that all this work needs people who can communicate it. We need everyone in the country to know what the Green Party stands for – putting forward an inspiring vision that dares to be different.

There are so many crises we have to tackle.

Just last month, I secured a U-turn from London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Gatwick Airport expansion and I’ll continue pushing him on a Green New Deal for London. I’m working hard to implement a pilot for the Universal Basic Income to lift hundreds of thousands of people that I represent out of poverty.

I’ve been working to build stronger relationships with unions. I am so proud of the young group of migrant workers working in hospitality who I supported until every single one of them was paid what they were due – their commitment to standing together in solidarity as we stood together in the rain and cold.

And the amazing care workers that went on strike who worked so hard that I was delighted to celebrate with them when they finally got the living wage they deserve.
I know there are countless stories around England and Wales of great work that elected Greens are doing and the difference they are making in the room. I want these stories to be heard and seen so that we can get more Greens elected to tackle these huge crises of our time.

Zack Polanski protesting the heathrow expansion in crowd with fellow green party members. The crowd appears to be cheering and smiling, holding colourful placards.

More to come about my platform – if you have ideas or things you’d like to see, then please get in touch.

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