The planet is facing a climate emergency and London has to play its role on the global stage.

I’ve chaired the Environment Committee since 2021 and we must keep up the vital work in making London the greenest city in the world.

We know that the solutions to tackle the cost of living crisis are the same solutions to tackle the climate crisis.

We need to retrofit every home that needs it – and I’ve been pushing the Mayor about the skills gap to have enough people trained to do this vital work.

With more extreme weather happening every year, we also need a resilient city that both reduces its emissions. We need to be resilient too and a ‘sponge city’ with proper sustainable urban drainage systems.

the media

Being on the London Assembly isn’t just about being inside City Hall – a huge part of it is communicating with Londoners.

That’s both listening to people in their communities and speaking to them whether 1-1 in a group or on broadcast media.

The media is a huge way of millions of people hearing our messages and platform all at once and we’ve got to make sure we really utilise that time.

London can be the greenest city in the world and we need to communicate specifically and credibly how we’re going to do that.


There’s no environmental justice without social, racial or economic justice too.

It was a huge honour to give my first conference speech as Deputy Leader of the Green Party and to focus on something so fundamental to our Green platform.

London is an amazingly diverse city – and needs to be celebrated as one.

We need to make sure that at the heart of all decision making, we include all Londoners’ voices, especially those who feel unseen or unheard.

Zack Polanski protesting the heathrow expansion in crowd with fellow green party members. The crowd appears to be cheering and smiling, holding colourful placards.

More to come about my platform – if you have ideas or things you’d like to see, then please get in touch.

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