Zack Polanski questions Question Time

On 8th June, Zack Polanski questioned why Question Time has failed to invite a Green Party representative even once this year. 

“We know we have to win more Green MPs but to get there – we need a media breakthrough. A lot of this is in our hands that when we have representatives on the media, we have important and exciting things to say. Our positive solutions to the crises facing us.

It’s important though that the media plays their role. We now have as many Councillors as UKIP did at their peak – and they were never off Question Time. The Green Party to date have not had a single appearance on Question Time in 2022 – I called this out and it was quite clear from the response how many people both in the Green Party and otherwise agree we should much more often have a seat at the table.”

See Zack’s tweet here and the positive support it generated. 

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